Excinte – one subject responsible for the entire building technology architecture and its functioning

We fulfill the following projects:

  • In the newly built villas, mansions, suites or commercial objects we design and implement either all or chosen building installations and integrate them with the operating system.
  • In the already utilized buildings we perform either overall or partial modernization or repair.
  • We mount the installations, upgrade or fix the faulty ones in the Vehicles or Yachts.


included in the projects


We design all the building installations. After identifying the customer’s needs we deliver the functional-technical scheme of the entire installation correlated to the architectural and interior design. The functional-technical scheme also involves the choice of the system, devices, materials and the cost estimation. During the design stage we stay in close cooperation with other specialists in the market. We prepare the executive and post-executive projects.


We create and integrate all the building installations binding them with the unified operating system. We perform tests, checking if all the devices function accordingly to the set parameters. After putting the finished product into operation, we perform the final tuning to fit it to customer’s needs.


We coordinate both the design process and the execution of the entire building infrastructure.


We provide the complete technical documentation and create the manual followed by the relevant training for the customer.


We provide the 24/7 maintenance service, the remote supervision of the system and offer a “single point of contact” for submitting any queries.



We give warranty for the CyberHome System projects.


The estimation for your projects will be prepared free of charge during few days. Please contact us for this by phone or via “contact us”.